Every Other Holiday Offers Advice to Christmas in This Wonderfully Weird Ad for Channel 4

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It’s a tough holiday season, with surging Covid-19 infection rates leading many to (wisely) cancel their parties and family gatherings.

But could Christmas be canceled altogether? Facing just such a calamity, one of Santa’s elves turns to the holiday experts: the magical mascots who represent occasions like St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Valentine’s Day. For good measure, even though she doesn’t have a day of her own, the Tooth Fairy is on deck to offer her unique brand of dentally themed solutions.

The eclectic gathering is the first holiday ad from Britain’s Channel 4, which aimed to recognize that this is a different holiday than anyone is used to.

Just when it seems the holidays won’t be able to find common ground, a new character enters the conversation to serve as a voice of unity and joy. But his chances of success might be limited by one obstacle: no one seems to recognize him.

Everyone seems to have ideas, even if they’re not what marketers might call “actionable.” The Valentine’s Day Cupid is especially out of his depth and problematic here, wondering, “What if instead of no one touching anyone, everyone touches everyone?”

The Tooth Fairy, of course, just thinks everyone will be happy to receive teeth. (Maybe she’s just looking for ways to get rid of all the molars and incisors she’s collected over the centuries?)

If, like these magical mascots, you don’t recognize our late arrival, he’s the comforting manifestation of Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday—often overshadowed by Mardi Gras on the same day here in America. (Both Shrove Tuesday and Mardi Gras were born from the same idea of filling your belly before embarking on the lean times of Lent.)

While the spot was developed by the in-house 4Creative studio, it was co-directed by Droga5 London creative chief David Kolbusz and his frequent collaborator Jeff Low of Biscuit Filmworks. (Low and Droga5 London, Adweek’s 2020 International Agency of the Year, also partnered on recent ads for SetApp and microwaveable burger brand Rustlers.

In addition to sharing a message about the shared experience of an odd Christmas season, the ad is meant to represent the diversity of people who make up Great Britain.

“Channel 4 is here to ensure alternative voices are heard, which reflect an inclusive modern Britain,” said CMO  Zaid Al-Qassab. “We think our family of holiday mascots is a fitting reflection of the diversity of many British families doing their best in difficult circumstances this Christmas season.”


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